How To Have The Sex Life Of Your Dreams (F*ck Like A Pornstar)

Freshman Male Enhancement Sexual Performance Supplements

You, my fellow man, are great at sex. You just might not know it yet.

Take any man off the street and give him the right sexual preparation and enough sexual encounters, and he will be able to please any partner in the bedroom.

So why do most men not have the sex life of their dreams?

It's simple.

Most men have either not had enough positive sexual encounters or have not prepared their bodies to perform sexually.

The Number One Skill To Gain To Perform Sexually

Sex is a skill you can become better at with practice.

If you stack enough positive sexual experiences on top of one another, your skills at love making can improve. In the same way you can master a musical instrument or improve in a sport, you can become an expert at sex.

What's the number one skill to gain?


As Sun Tzu famously said in The Art Of War, "Every battle is won before it is fought." In other words, in order to set the stage for victory, preparation is critical.

Ask any top-tier NFL Quarterback why they are able to play so quickly, and freely on Sunday. They will tell you it is due to relentless preparation before each game.

They are confident they are going to perform.

How To Prepare For Sex

It starts with a healthy body and a strong mind.

Think about it. To crush a workout in the gym, men take vitamins in the morning, preworkout before they exercise, and creatine and protein shakes to fuel their muscles.

Why would you not supplement the same way for physical performance in the bedroom?

Here at Freshman, we believe men should prioritize their sexual health the same way they prioritize their physical health.

Through highly researched, natural supplementation prior to sexual activity, your body can achieve ideal Nitric Oxide production, ideal blood flow, and smooth muscle relaxation.

The result?


When you take a sexual supplement before sex, you not only create the optimal results for your body to perform, you also gain the CONFIDENCE knowing you WILL be hard.

When you are hard as a rock during sex, you remove the worry. The game is already won.

Now you can focus on the joy that sex brings. You can focus on your partner's (and your own pleasure). Each sexual encounter becomes a positive one.

Take Action To Have The Sex Life Of Your Dreams

Sex is amazing.

Let's make sure you are having the best sex of your life.

We encourage you to TRY FRESHMAN FOR FREE and see the results for yourself first hand. 

You are one step closer to having the sex life of your dreams.

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